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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our clients with a vast ray of options in regards to their mortgage choices.

We work with lenders of all shapes and sizes, from the 5 major banks all the way down to private lenders and everyone else in-between.

We believe that when consumers have options available to them they tend to make decisions that best suit their particular situation.

Whether you are looking to get your First Mortgage, 2nd or 3rd Mortgage, Refinance existing Mortgage, Consolidate your debt or Cash out equity to take care of your most pressing financial needs, we are your best avenue to achieving that.

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we are excited to introduce the best mortgage rates and offers from 100s of Canadian lenders including Banks, Sub-prime lenders, Private lenders etc

What our clients are saying

  • Theresa A, Oakville, ON

    I came across this site while desperately searching for help on refinancing my high interest second mortgage of 29%. 1 month earlier I approached my bank and was declined, I received calls from brokers and 2 weeks later I was able to get a refinance my entire 1st and 2nd mortgage from the same Bank that declined me. My broker was able to prove to them that my house was worth way more than they initially thought which brought the loan-to-value from 95% down to 68%, I went from paying 3.00% on my 1st mortgage and 29% on the 2nd to now paying 2.59% altogether. I can’t thank you guys enough for all you are doing for people like me.
  • Lydia A, Brampton ON

    I received a call less than 15 minutes after I entered my contact information for a quote, the lady on the other end was very professional, we set appointment with her to come to our home on this wknd to discuss how she can help us with our mortgage refinance need. I highly recommend Canada mortgage offers…
  • Tareq H,Toronto ON

    Very impressed with this site and what they are doing for average Canadians like myself, was able to get quotes from a few places and will sleep better tonight knowing that I made the right choice. My wife is thrilled and that alone makes it all worthwhile, thanks canadamortgageoffers